Got this from a friend today and replied:

This is like “Endtimes Weekly” for Christians.  What latest world leader is the Anti-Christ?  What Bird-Pig-Flu is the horseman of the apocalypse?  The broken clock may be right twice per day but when?

Note the date: “Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/27/2015 11:54″  Big fan of zerohedge in general but it’s a little early to say this.

spx weekly 8-29-2015

This is the weekly.  From what you know… are we in a bear market?  There are certain conditions that could trigger a bear market… and from what I’ve taught you you should know what those are.  How close are we?

spx monthly 8-29-2015

Here is the monthly… are we in a bear market? No, still pretty damn bullish.

spx monthly 2008

This is what a bear market looks like; 2007.  Yes, 2007.  Note the date line, it crossed over the monthly green in January.  Signs were on the weekly of 2007.  Few pundits (except Peter Schiff, way too early in 2006 btw) were calling it a bear market until October of 2008.  Note the pullback to the green BEFORE it tanked?  That was your confirmation; break, retest, and go.

I dug a little and Albert Edwards is in fact a trader at French bank Societe Generale.  So I trust he is making what he believes is an accurate prediction.  We had a big dip this week for sure and I even noted a few bearish/recession type signals in the sector rotations/business cycle.  However, in terms of trading and managing your funds in “the market” remember; you’ll get confirmation from price action and a chance to make the smart decision at the right time.