Britain is the next last stand again

I spent the afternoon educating myself on a British Right-Wing pariah named Tommy Robinson.  Thanks Youtube for suggestions.  He came across while taking in the orations of Peter Hitchens.  Robinson has a storied past over the last decade and a half opposing radical Islam in Britain.  He’s not funny, has no time for jokes, and has a serious manner that belies conviction and passion.  He was also born the same year as I.  It’s the early 30’s ideologue curse/blessing.

Robinson has faced lots of oppression; from his own government in the form of extended prison sentences.  Granted, a lot of this is from dumb choices he has made like attacking extreme Muslims protesters and passport fraud.  Those things and subsequent jail sentences are really hamstringing his ability to lead a movement.  He has also been fighting against the real extreme Right-Wing Nazi’s that share his sentiments.  It takes someone with a sympathetic ear to cut through the propaganda against him and see that he is speaking out for what he believes is the good of his nation.

I’ve only visited Britain once when I was much younger and before the modern strife.  However, I’ve always had this sense that while it was the accredited nursery of modern liberal democracy and human rights remains distinctly “less free” in a lot of ways.  Some of the clear cut protections in the United States such as double jeopardy are permitted and people can be repeatedly prosecuted.  That tenant of their legal system, coupled with his admitted aversion to “putting his family through X again” is working against him.

His main message is that there has developed a two-tiered police system in Britain.  In it Muslims and non-Muslims are searched, arrested, and prosecuted differently due to the police fear of being labeled racist.  Arguments contrary to the “racist” narrative that Islam is an ideology with clear political teachings hold just as little in the narrative.  His campaign over the years to found an organization called the English Defense League was centered around this duality.  It is something that would surely aggravate me if I saw it in the United States.  Certain aspects of the media already exhibit this “politically correct” double standard of reporting.  This is just as evident if not more so in Britain; made more sinister by the fact that the media is state run.

Britain, like the rest of Europe, is extremely close to the source of this diametrically opposed ideology to Western democracy.  They do not have vast oceans on either side insulating them from the influx.  This is actually becoming a major problem in their lands and will no doubt be exacerbated by the illegalsmigrants, refugees, hordes of counter-cultural influencees flowing in presently.  Taking in the voices from the Right over in the cradle of the language of which I write and the culture to which I owe my ideas has been an eye opener to what a real national problem looks like.